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ABIS offers the latest and most reliable products in the industry today. We know a product is only as good as the support behind it; and that is who we are a service company, first and formost.

ABIS networks are built to last!

ABIS can furnish your company with the best network products on the market today. Whether it is anything from a simple patch cable to an intelligent giga speed switch, we can sell, install, and service it. Whether you need on ethernet cables added to your network plant or one thousand, we are your one call does it all shop.

Let us quote your next upgrade or installation.

Cat5 cable


Wi Fi

Wireless that Works!

One of the core ideas behind an enterprise-type Wi-Fi solution is that you can throw down multiple access points and manage them from a single interface while your wireless clients seamlessly (or nearly seamlessly) roam between the access points as needed. On top of that, enterprise Wi-Fi setups differ from home set-ups in that they typically offer the ability to configure multiple (as in dozens or more) of SSIDs from the same set of hardware, each with different security and networking policies applied. There’s also often rich guest network functionality, with the ability to allow guests to connect not just with a single password but also with timed-expiry passphrases or tokens, or to charge guests for access (like you might see in a hotel).

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Whether its across the street or across the country

ABIS is the one to call today to get you up and going for your voice, data, wireless or video needs.



Like new for half the cost!

Our staff can refurbish broken or damaged IP and Digital telephones at over half the cost of a new unit. We also repair components like cards, and adapters.


ABIS knows telephones!

From a basic single line phone to  soft phones on your computer to the most feature rich ip phone on the market we can install and maintain most brands .


IP Systems

Selling the best and replacing the rest!

ABIS sells and services the latest in ip telephone systems by 3cx, Avaya, Asterisk, and many more. If its new and its for you. We got it!

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Digital Systems

Digital Phones and legacy system:

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need an Elaborate IP phone system when you can own or have serviced your existing legacy phone system at a fraction of the cost of a new system.

ABIS sells, services, and refurbishes digital system , like the  Norstar Modular ICS (MICS) is capable of expanding to up to approx. 200 extensions (on the newest Release 7 software), and the Norstar CICS (Compact) Norstar ICS (sometimes called the Norstar CICS) is capable of expanding to up to 24 extensions maximum. The Norstar MICS supports digital PRI lines, the Norstar CICS supports analog (Caller ID) style lines only. Both the Norstar MICS and Norstar CICS business phone systems work with the entire line of Nortel Norstar phones – this includes the Norstar M7100, Norstar M7208, Norstar M7310, and Norstar M7324, and of course the newer Norstar T series phone sets – this includes the Norstar T7100, Norstar T7208, Norstar T7316, and the Norstar T7316e.


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ABIS is your link

to the best pricing for SIP Trunks, Dedicated Fiber broadband and Cloud services by theses Providers and many more

ABIS takes the guess work out of video surveillance system.

When you are on the hunt for a video security system it all depends on your security needs. If you’re a shop owner, you might want basic indoor cube cameras, along with a plug-and-play NVR to record, view, and manage your video. If you’re a homeowner, you might be looking for one of our home security camera systems that have four outdoor bullet cameras to secure the perimeter of your property. To answer the question, you want to select video surveillance systems that can handle the demands of your security operation. Maybe you’re in search of both indoor and outdoor cameras. offers video surveillance systems that include indoor and outdoor cameras, alike so you can safeguard the interior and exterior of your home or business. Also note that it’s important to select a system that contains all the necessary equipment that you need such as a PoE switch, Cat5e cabling, or NVR. Again, each system can be customized if needed.




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